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Bulls For Sale

RJ2 Dorman Cattle
Bray, OK
Eric Dorman    580-658-0606
Farah Dorman    580-641-3770
Gwendolyn Sue Ranch
Rush Springs, OK
Jim Kraugh    405-514-0706
Castonguay Red Angus
Omega, OK
Bryce & Chelsea Castonguay    405-368-5939
3J Farms
Ravia, OK
Jeff Earles    580-220-8160
Timber Creek Ranch
Marrieta, OK
Randy & Tammy Glascock    940-367-6245
Morris Box Ranch
Justin, TX
Randall Box    817-614-6869
Creswell Red Angus
Tuttle, OK
Rick & Charlotte Creswell    806-683-6098

Females Available

3J Farms
Ravia, OK
Jeff Earles    580-220-8160
Bar E Cattle
Haskell, OK
Roger Erickson    918-691-2702
7TS Red Angus
McAlester, OK
Troy & Robyn Smith    918-470-1674
Brorsen Blue Stem Inc
Perry, OK
Verle Brorsen    580-336-4148

Frozen Genetics Available

Rhodes Red Angus
Maize, KS
Darryl Rhodes    316-722-6900

Meat Sales

Anthony Ranches
Ryan, OK
Jay Anthony    575-390-7385
Bar E Cattle
Haskell, OK
Roger Erickson    918-691-2702
M3 Cattle Company
Henryetta, OK
Ian Miller    918-843-1330
RJ2 Dorman Cattle
Bray, OK
Farah Dorman    580-641-3770
Leis Creek Cattle Co
Clinton, AR
Karmen Landers    501-831-5911
Massey Land & Cattle
Cabool, MO
Kelly Massey    417-962-0181

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Welcome to the Oklahoma Red Angus Association. We are dedicated to promoting the Red Angus breed in Oklahoma and across the United States through livestock shows, industry events, association sales and educational events.

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Upcoming Sales

Bull Test & Sale Guidelines

  1. Membership Requirements
    • Consignor must be a current member in good standing with OKRAA
  2. Location
    • Bulls will be fed at Alfadale Stock Farm 1200 N. ALFADALE RD. El Reno, OK 73036 PHONE 405-262-1894
    • Bulls will be sold at the Reds in the Heartland Sale hosted at OKC West Livestock Market on April 2, 2022
  3. Bull Registration & Age Requirements
    • Registrations
      • Must be in R status with the RAAA as of sale date.
      • Must be a 1A or 1B with the RAAA.
      • No Categories 2 or 3 will be allowed
    • Ages
    • Fall born bulls birthdates will be September 1, 2020 thru November 30, 2020
    • Winter/ spring born bulls with birthdates of December 1, 2020 thru March 15, 2021
  4. Entry Requirements
    • Entry fee
      • There is a $50 nomination entry fee per bull.
      • Entry fee is nonrefundable and will not be applied to any sale expenses.
    • Weaning
      • Bulls must be weaned 30 days prior to delivery date
      • Weaning information must be entered in RedsPro with the RAAA
    • Identification
      • Must be tattooed with legible id numbers and herd prefixes
      • All bulls will be assigned a feedlot identification number for the test
      • Bulls are required to have either an EID tag or USDA issued silver tag.
    • Feeding
      • Bulls being trained to eat from a feed bunk is not required but is recommended
      • Bulls will be fed for a two week warm up period before official start weight is taken on October 15, 2021
      • Bulls will be tested in 2 groups – Fall and Winter/Spring
  5. Health & Soundness Requirements to Enter Test
    • Scrotal
      • Bulls that are 12 months of age or will be by November 1, 2021 must have a minimum 30 cm scrotal measurement.
    • Health Requirements
      • Bulls must have a BVD PI Negative Test.
      • Bulls must have two doses of respitory and colostridial vaccinations. These should include IBR,BVD TYPE 1&2, PI3,BRSV, Colostridial 7,8, or 9 way. Pasturella Haemolytica and Pasturella Multiocida.
      • Bulls must be Dewormed
      • Bulls must be vaccinated for warts.
      • Booster IBR, dewormer and delicer will be given at feed yard.
      • Free from Blemishes, pink eye, ring worm, warts etc.
      • Must be sound and free from hoof deformities
  6. Health & Soundness Requirements to be Met During Test to Make Sale
    • ADG
      • Bulls must have a 2.5 ADG at the end of the test.
    • Scrotal/Breeding
      • Bulls must have a minimal scrotal measurement of 32 cm.
      • Bulls must pass a Breeding Soundness Exam. Results of exam will be provided at the sale.
    • Soundness
      • Bulls must be structurally sound and free of any hoof deformities.
    • Health
      • Bulls must have a negative trich test. Results of test will be provided at the sale.
      • Bulls must be free of warts, blemishes, pink eye, ring worm, etc.
      • Bulls must have a desirable disposition to be sold
      • Feed Yard will have a health paper accompanying each bull to the sale
  7. Expenses/Catalog
    • Entry Fees
      • Entry fee is non refundable
    • Commissions
      • Sale Expense will be a minimum 15%
        1. Example a $3000 animal through the sale will net $2550 to owner
        2. Example a $1500 animal through the sale will net $1275.
      • No Sale Fee will be the commission multiplied by the last bid through the sale ring.
    • Scratches
      • No bulls may be removed from the test by the consignor without penalty
      • If a bull is removed from the test for any reason other than by the test committee or test facility, the consignor will be assessed commission on the average of all bulls through the sale.
        1. Example, if the average of the bulls are $3500 and the commission is 15%, the consignor will be required to pay $525 on the animal removed from the test
    • Photos/Videos
      • The feed yard will be responsible for picturing and videoing each bull for the sale.
      • Consignor will be responsible for the expense of the photos and videos, which will be deducted from the settlement sheet.
    • Footnotes
      • The consignor will be responsible for footnotes of their animal.
    • Catalog Advertising
      • Retail price is $500 for a full page, 1⁄2 page $300, business card $100.
      • Consignors will receive 50% discount for ads placed in the catalog.
    • Other Expenses
      • The feed yard will assess each consignor a feed bill during the test
      • The feed yard will assess each consignor for any veterinary services such as vaccinations, worming, semen evaluations, issuance of health papers, etc.
      • The feed yard will assess each consignor for clipping services to prepare animals for picture and video day


  • September 30
    • Bull nomination entry forms are due.
  • Friday, October 1
    • Bulls start delivering to Alfadale Stock Farm
    • Bulls will be checked in and processed on these two days.
  • Saturday, October 2
    • Last day to deliver bulls to Alfadale.
    • Bulls should be delivered by 4:00 p.m.
  • October 15
    • Official start weight taken.
  • November 12
    • 28 day weight on spring and fall bull groups
    • Fall bulls will scanned and carcass data collected for IMF,REA, and BF.
  • January 12
    • 60 day weight will be taken on both groups.
  • February 5
    • Final weight for fall bull group. 112 days.
    • Springs will not be weighed this day.
  • February 19
    • Final weight for spring group.
    • Spring group will be scanned for carcass data, IMF, REA, and BF.
  • March 3-March 30
    • Breeding soundness exams (BSE).
    • All bulls will be fertility checked and trich tested to qualify for sale
  • April 1
    • Bulls delivered to OKC West Livestock for viewing for the Sale.
  • April 2
    • The Reds in the Heartland Sale at OKC West Livestock

Test committee and test facility have right to refuse any bull deemed unacceptable for sound animal husbandry practices.

All decisions by the Test Committee is final.

All animals will be guaranteed by the seller as outlined in the Red Angus Association of America code of ethical sale practices.

*This schedule will be followed to the best of our ability. Changes may occur to scheduling due to weather and/or other conditions.*

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