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Come join us! Membership in the Oklahoma state association gives you an opportunity to meet other breeders like yourself. Your listing will automatically be included on our website Members page and in our printed Membership Directory. Additionally, you will be eligible to display custom advertisements on our website Classifieds page and our Facebook page, for FREE.

Regular membership shall be considered as a minimum to require the following: 1) Must own at least one (1) animal which is inventoried in THR of RAAA and be in good standing with RAAA and OKRAA; 2) Have current dues paid in full; 3) Be at least 21 years of age. Associate membership shall be persons, firms, associations, or corporations interested in the advancement of the objectives and aims of the Association and who wish to assist in the work and objectives of the Association.

The annual cost of membership is only $50.00 for a regular or associate membership allowing a single vote, $75 for a family membership (two members) which allows for two (2) votes and $20 for a junior membership. Membership is for the calendar year, and dues are to be paid each January.

If you have questions about becoming a member, contact us and we will respond promptly.

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2021 OKRAA Membership Application

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